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OIL well blowout estimated to cause losses over Rs 25,000-cr 

Published on June 8, 2021 | News Source: Janambhumi News Desk
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OIL finally abandons Baghjan Blowout Well

Published on December 3, 2020|News Source : Bijay Sankar Bora

File photo of Baghjan blowout well after it had caught fire.

Guwahati, Dec 4:  Oil Indian Limited (OIL) today withdrew the ‘emergency situation’ that was declared in Baghjan for internal control purpose in the wake uncontrolled flow of Natural Gas and Blowout at Baghjan well No. 5 on May 27 this year.
The OIL informed that the ‘emergency situation’ was withdrawn with immediate effect after successful completion of all the job pertaining to capping, killing and final abandonment of the well this evening.

OIL management has acknowledged the tremendous support received from all stakeholders during this period, especially the team from M/s Alert, CMT personnel from ONGCL, Indian Army, Indian Air
Force, Tinsukia District Administration, Assam Police, NDRF, SDRF and all Oilindians, who were
directly or indirectly involved throughout the well control operations.

The OIL Management has saluted the supreme sacrifice made by the brave Oilindians who laid down their lives while performing their duties at Baghjan.

The OIL has expressed gratitude to all the residents of the nearby areas around the blowout  site for their patience and support to OIL during this period.
“We can assure all stakeholders that OIL will remain a people’s company with support of the residents of its operational areas,” the OIL has stated.
Meanwhile, OIL has already deposited the requisite amount to the office of Deputy Commissioner, Tinsukia compensation to all concerned as per the interim order of National Green Tribunal (NGT) and advice of DC, Tinsukia.



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October 6, 2022

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